A) Violations of size and weight laws can result in a vehicle being parked and made to unload before being allowed to continuing the move. This takes time and costs money. Citations could also be issued resulting in time spent in court, fees to attorneys and fines to courts.

B) Civil repercussions could be worse. If a vehicle is determined to have been required to have a permit and doesn’t, and is involved in an accident, insurance companies do not have to cover the expenses. Attorneys love when this happens!!!

C) If an oversize and/or overweight vehicle causes damage to roadways, bridges, utilities or even private property and that vehicle is determined to be unpermitted or in violation of conditions of a permit, the financial repercussions may be quite substantial.

In order to reduce the increased liability associated with the movement of oversize/overweight loads, in addition to having the proper permits, the vehicle must be moved in compliance with the conditions of those permits.

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