Our Story

People come from all walks of life. Some are owner operators, farmers, drivers and some are law enforcement officers. We are all just people with different jobs. The workers at Integrity Permits LLC started out as law enforcement officers. We got to see the good and the bad on a daily basis. We like to believe that laws are written to benefit those who comply with them, but unfortunately, that is not always true. Some laws are just plain confusing and difficult to understand. The commercial driver gets involved in some sort of incident and the end result is that they receive a citation for an unknown or misunderstood violation. Where do you turn to get an adequate understanding of laws that directly affect you? Is it possible that instead of the laws being a challenge to your business, they could actually be beneficial to you?

Integrity Permits LLC wants to help the trucking industry understand those laws and make those laws work FOR the trucking industry. The easiest and best way to do this is to use our years of training and experience to help the owners and drivers understand what is required. We can teach you the laws, rules and regulations so that you maximize vehicle capacities and remain legal.

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