Why Integrity?

Integrity Permits is the result of concerns voiced by the trucking industry over the course of the past several years. As businesses strive to increase revenue and focus on safety they face obstacles stemming from the mountain of laws and regulations they must comply with. The complexity of trucking laws and their varied interpretations lead reputable companies with good intentions to cut corners and take shortcuts in order to get the job done. Laws dictate how much can be hauled, how things must be hauled and when and where you can haul them. Okay, that sounds reasonable, right? But depending on what you’re hauling, you may be able to haul more of it. But, you can only haul more if you have the right type of vehicle and only if it’s going to a particular type of location and oh, yeah, where was it loaded and who technically owns the load? Okay, you know your load requires a hauling permit. You know how to get your ODOT permit or you have a permit company get your ODOT permit for you. But, in order to make your delivery you have to travel on local roads other than State Routes that are not authorized by your ODOT permit. Who has jurisdiction over that road? Who do you contact to request a permit so you can legally haul on that road?

That’s where Integrity Permits LLC comes in.
With an intimate knowledge of trucking laws we can help trucking companies “deliver” while not only complying with the law but utilizing the law to maximize profits. Integrity Permits LLC works with ODOT as well as local jurisdictions to help you legally get where you need to be in the safest timeliest manner possible. Isn’t it time that you start moving with “Integrity”?

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